Equations and Solutions

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Real numbers: a, b, c, p, q, u, v
Solutions: x1, x2,y1, y2, y3

  1. Linear equation with one variable
  2. Quadratic equation
  3. Discriminant
  4. Viete’s formulas
    if $x^2+px+q=0, \then$
    $\{\table x_1+x_2=-p;x_1x_2=q$
  5. if $ax^2+bx=0$, then
    $\{\table x_1=0;x_2=-b/a$
  6. $ax^2+c=0$
  7. Cubic equation, Cardano’s formula.
    if $y^3+py+q=0$, then
    $\{\table y_1=u+v;y_{2,3}=-1/2(u+v)±√3/2(u+v)i$

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