Frustum of a Right Circular Cone

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Frustum of a right circular cone is that portion of right circular cone included between the base and a section parallel to the base not passing through the vertex.

Frustum of Right Circular Cone

Radius of bases: R, r
Height: H
Slant height: m
Scale factor: k
Area of bases: S1, S2
Lateral surface area: SL
Total surface area: S
Volume: V

  1. $H=√{m^2-(R-r)^2}$
  2. $R/r=k$
  3. $S_2/S_1=R^2/r^2=k^2$
  4. $S_L=πm(R+r)$
  5. $S=S_1+S_2+S_L=π(R^2+r^2+m(R+r))$
  6. $V=h/3(S_1+√{S_1S_2}+S_2)$
  7. $V={hS_1}/3(1+R/r+(R/r)^2)={hS_1}/3(1+k+k^2)$

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