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  1. With centre $(\h,\k)$ and radius $\r$ a circle is:
    $(\x-\h)^2 + (\y-\k)^2 = \r^2$
  2. If centre $(\h,\k)$ and passes through $(\α,\β)$:
    $(\x-\h)^2 + (\y-\k)^2 = (\α-\h)^2 + (\β-\k)^2$
  3. General equation of a circle:
    where $(-\g,-\f)$ is centre and radius, $\r=\g^\2+\f^\2−\c$. (g, f and c are three constants)
  4. Position of $(\x_1,\y_1)$ with respect to a circle:
    i. Outside of the circle, if $\x_1^2+\y_1^2+2\gx_1+2\hy_1+c$ > 0
    ii. Upon the circle, if $\x_1^2+\y_1^2+2\gx_1+2\hy_1+c$ = 0
    iii. Inside the circle, if $\x_1^2+\y_1^2+2\gx_1+2\hy_1+c$ < 0
  5. Intercept on the axis:
    on the y-axis = $2√{\f^2-\c}=2√{\r^2-\h^2}$
    on the x-axis = $2√{\g^2-\c}=2√{\r^2-\k^2}$
    if the circle touches the y-axis then $\c=\f^2$
    if the circle touches the x-axis then $\c=\g^2$
  6. A circle which has diameter between $(\x_\1,\y_\1)$ and $(\x_\2,\y_\2)$:
  7. A circle passes through intersection of a circle and a straight line:
    intersection circle, $\x^\2+\y^\2+\2\gx+\2\fy+\c=0$
    intersection straight line, $\lx+\my+\n=\0$
  8. A circle passes through intersection of two other circles:
    where k is a constant.
  9. A circle passing through any two points $(\x_1,\y_1)$ and $(\x_2,\y_2)$:
    [Law of AR Khalifa]
  10. When two circles touch each other:
    External touch: $\C_1\C_2 = \r_1+\r_2$
    Internal touch: $\C_1\C_2 = |\r_1-\r_2|$
  11. The equation of a circle in polar co-ordinates with center at $(\r_\1,\θ_\1)$ and radius $\a$ is:
  12. Condition for tangency of a straight line:
    where the line is $\y=\mx+\c$ and the circle is $\x^2+\y^2=\r^2$
  13. Length of a tangent drawn from an external point $(\x_1,\y_1)$
  14. Chord of a circle having middle point at $(\x_1,\y_1)$ is:
  15. Normal at the point $(\x_1,\y_1)$ of a circle:
  16. Equation of the chord of contact of tangents drawn from an external points $(\x_1,\y_1)$ to a circle:
  17. Equation of common chord of two circles:
    i.e. $\first\_\circle-\second\_\circle=0$
  18. Touch point of a circle and a tangent:
    where the circle is $\x^2+\y^2=\r^2$ and tangent is $\y=\mx+\c$.

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