Isosceles Trapezoid Formulas

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In Euclidean geometry, an isosceles trapezoid (isosceles trapezium) is a convex quadrilateral with a line of symmetry bisecting one pair of opposite sides. It is a special case of a trapezoid. Alternatively, it can be defined as a trapezoid in which both legs and both base angles are of the same measure.

Isosceles Trapezoid

Bases of Trapezoid: a,b
Leg: c
Midline: q
Altitude: h
Diagonal: D
Radius of circumscribed circle: R
Area: S

  1. $q={a+b}/2$
  2. $d=āˆš{ab+c^2}$
  3. $h=āˆš{c^2-1/4(b-a)^2}$
  4. $R={cāˆš{ab+c^2}}/āˆš{(2c-a+b)(2c+a-b)}$
  5. $S={a+b}/2\ h=qh$

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