Radian and Degree measures of angles

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Angles: α, β
Real numbers: x, y
Whole number: k

  1. $π^c=180°$ or π radian = 180 degree
  2. $1^c$ or 1 rad =${180°}/π≈57°17’45″$
  3. $1°=π^c/180≈0.017453^c$
  4. $1’={π^c}/{180×60}≈0.000291^c$
  5. $1″={π^c}/{180×3600}^c≈0.000005^c$
  6. Degree vs Radian:
    i. $0°=0^c$
    ii. $30°=π^c/6$
    iii. $45°=π^c/4$
    iv. $60°=π^c/3$
    v. $90°=π^c/2$
    vi. $180°=π^c$
    vii. $270°={3π^c}/2$
    viii. $360°=2π^c$

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