Regular Pyramid Formulas

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A regular pyramid is a pyramid whose base is a regular polygon and whose lateral edges are all equal in length.

Regular Pyramid

Side of base: a
Lateral edge: b
Height: h
Slant height: m
Mi,ber of sides: n
Semiperimeter of base: p
Radius of inscribed sphere of base: r
Area of base: SB
Lateral surface area: SL
Total surface area: S
Volume: V

  1. $m=√{b^2-a^2/4}$
  2. $h=√{4b^2\ sin^2\ π/n-a^2}/{2sin\ π/n}$
  3. $S_L=1/2nam=1/4na√{4b^2-a^2}=pm$
  4. $S_B=pr$
  5. $S=S_B+S_L$
  6. $V=1/3S_B\ h=1/3\ prh$

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