Trigonometric Addition and Subtraction Formulas

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  1. $sin\ (α+β)=sin\ α.cos\ β+sin\ β\ cos\ α$
  2. $sin\ (α-β)=sin\ α.cos\ β-sin\ β\ cos\ α$
  3. $cos\ (α+β)=cos\ α.cos\ β-sin\ α\ sin\ β$
  4. $cos\ (α-β)=cos\ α.cos\ β+sin\ α\ sin\ β$
  5. $tan\ (α+β)={tan\ α+tan\ β}/{1-tan\ α\ tan\ β}$
  6. $tan\ (α-β)={tan\ α-tan\ β}/{1+tan\ α\ tan\ β}$
  7. $cot\ (α+β)={1-tan\ α\ tan\ β}/{tan\ α+tan\ β}$
  8. $cot\ (α-β)={1+tan\ α\ tan\ β}/{tan\ α-tan\ β}$

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