Trigonometric Functions

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In mathematics, the trigonometric functions (also called circular functions, angle functions or goniometric functions) are functions of an angle. They relate the angles of a triangle to the lengths of its sides.

Trigonometry Functions

  1. $sin\ θ=y/r={BC}/{AB}$
  2. $cos\ θ=x/r={AC}/{AB}$
  3. $tan\ θ=y/x={BC}/{AC}$
  4. $cot\ θ=x/y={AC}/{BC}$
  5. $sec\ θ=r/x={AB}/{AC}$
  6. $cosec\ θ=r/y={AB}/{BC}$
  7. Sine function:
    $y=sin\ θ, -1≤sin\ θ≤1$
  8. Cosine function:
    $y=cos\ θ, -1≤cos\ θ≤1$
  9. Tangent function:
    $y=tan\ θ, θ≠(2k+1)π/2, -∞≤cos\ θ≤∞$
  10. Cotangent function:
    $y=cot\ θ, θ≠kπ, -∞≤cot\ θ≤∞$
  11. Secant function:
    $y=sec\ θ, θ≠(2k+1)π/2$
  12. Cosecant function:
    $y=cosec\ θ, θ≠kπ$

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